Seriously. What the heck is SMO?

What the heck is SMO? Social Media Optimization

For our readers familiar with urban dictionary, we’re not talking about the slang acronym “smoke me out”.  We’re talking about optimization. Social Media Optimization.

Before we get started defining what SMO is and how you can benefit, let’s identify who this is NOT for.

If you are seeking instant gratification, or unsustainable results purely based on perception - SMO is NOT for you. Those types can click here.If you believe anything of sustaining value takes dedication, commitment, and consistency - SMO is for you.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization can be thought of along the same lines as SEO (search engine optimization) but for social media. Broken down, it's the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to increase the awareness of a product, brand, service, or event.

With SEO, you're stuck passively waiting for your customers to Google your company name  while you cross your fingers it populates to the top of the search results (or you spend lots of $$$ to get it there). With SMO, you're taking an active approach that finds and targets (connects) your potential customers, creating brand awareness and increasing website traffic.

Great content is no longer enough. You must have a strategy to get your content seen, and a closing step to convert (ex: drive to website, purchase ticket, etc). 


  • Increased followers

  • Targeted followers

  • Increased web traffic

  • Increased search engine rankings

For Best Results

SMO should be used in addition to other marketing strategies and integrated into the marketing budget over the long run.


Because benefits are similar to working out.

For example, let's say you finally achieve the body type you’ve worked so hard to have, you wouldn’t stop working out at that point and expect to maintain the same type of physique. It’s the same with SMO. Once you build a large following, you’ll want to continue having activity to drive engagement and traffic to maintain the connection with your audience.  Great content and activity are key in social.  It's no longer an option to not have SMO, unless you're not trying to get your content seen and heard.