This the Lexus of social media, a top-notch service to build your brand and social platform with creative content and strategies to drive traffic to your product, service, or location. This is for the brand or influencer that wants to outsource social media management.


This is strictly focused on boosting the audience on each platform, a service utilized side-by-side with an internal social media coordinator. This is for the athlete, influencer, verified account, or busy CEO that occasionally posts his/her own content.


Daily Social Media Optimization

Content – 7 to 12 posts per week

Brand related content

Industry related content

Generic content

Full Reporting

Bi-weekly 30min strategy calls

Hashtag strategy

Facebook ads

Daily Engagement

Favorite / Like / ReTweet strategy

Content Approval

Bi-weekly Account Grooming

Daily Social Media Optimization

Generic content - 30 posts

Generic posts

Monthly 1 hour call 

Basic reports

Content approval

Facebook Ads

Monthly Fee:

Twitter:              $800

Facebook:              $900

Instagram:              $800

Facebook & Twitter:         $1300

Facebook, Twitter, Insta:     $1900

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Monthly Fee:

Twitter:              $600

Facebook:              $700

Instagram:             $600

Facebook & Twitter:         $900

Facebook, Twitter, Insta:      $1200

To purchase, please click the link below.