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Additional Details

Daily Social Media Optimization

Similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the proprietary strategies we run daily are intended to drive traffic to the website through a customized link.

Strategic Follower Acquisition

Target the type of audience needed for maximum brand exposure and goals. Twitter is the most powerful social platform we use to achieve this.


Content is sent 3 days after initial start, 2 days before the 1st of the month every month thereafter. Content must be approved within 24 hours.

Custom Content

Custom graphics designed for social.

Brand related content

Specific to brand.

Industry related content

Specific to industry

Generic content

Non-agenda driven content strictly focused on audience growth.  Our strategies have shown this type of content provides the highest engagement.

Dedicated Relationship / Creative Manager

*For platinum accounts.

Full Reporting

Reports are sent the last day of the month, every month.

Strategy calls

Set at a recurring standing time every Friday.

Facebook ads

Targeted ads are run daily on Facebook and Twitter, with 10 sponsored posts per month on FB.  Industry average is $1/like, our strategies get that number down to $.06 to $.15/like.

Hashtag strategy

Utilize hashtag specific strategy in the majority of posts at peak times.

Favorite / Like / ReTweet strategy

Proprietary strategy used to build the targeted audience. 

Weekly Account Grooming

‘Cleaning’ the account. Eliminating fake followers and spam.